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Bladen Financial Summary Report

Bladen County Commissioners receive a monthly financial report from every department.

The latest report was for the first 4 months (one third) of this fiscal year.

33.94% of all revenues have been collected.

Checking more closely:  50.93%, or $9,961,746 of Ad Valorem Property Taxes had been collected as of October 31. That is about $750,000 less than the past fiscal year.

Greg Martin, County Manager, explained that one of the largest tax payers in the county paid last year, but has not paid this year, it’s just a matter of timing, he said.  One other source that always lags is sales tax.  $389,728  or 9.6% of the budgeted amount had been paid through, October 31, 2014, compared with $390,824 at the same time a year ago.

The taxes are collected by the state and paid out to local governments later.  That is the normal process.  Other sources were paying on time.

Expenditures are in line at 31.41% spent or committed as of October 31.   Cash and investments total $22,052,635.

The General Fund accounts for $16,697,130 of the total.

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