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A staff report

Are you vying for a public office in this year’s election? BladenOnline.com is extending a unique opportunity to all candidates: the chance to have your campaign message reach a wider audience through our digital platforms. We invite you to submit your campaign videos for publication on BladenOnline’s YouTube Channel. These videos will also be featured on our website and shared across our social media channels, amplifying your voice without any cost.

To participate, candidates are required to provide a pre-recorded video, with a maximum length of three minutes. Please deliver your video in a YouTube-compatible format to the BladenOnline office, located at 1110 S. Poplar Street, Elizabethtown, on a flash drive. Additionally, you’ll need to sign a consent form granting BladenOnline the rights to publish your video.

Once your video is submitted, we guarantee its publication on BladenOnline’s YouTube Channel within two business days. Please note, BladenOnline does not take responsibility for creating thumbnail images or editing the videos. Please submit a thumbnail image if you wish to have one different from the one YouTube generates.

It’s important to clarify that BladenOnline’s publication of these videos does not signify an endorsement of any candidate. A commitment to free speech and an informed electorate drives our initiative. We believe that providing candidates a platform to communicate directly with voters is crucial for a healthy democratic process.

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