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Folks may have noticed a new face at Genesis Polar Heights in Elizabethtown as Bernard Bryant has taken over the reins as administrator of the facility.  He took over the duties of administrator about one month ago.

“I enjoy the long-term care environment. I enjoy when residents enter the facility and are able to return home,” said Bryant.

He said the ultimate goal for the staff at Genesis Poplar Heights is to help residents achieve a measure of independence whereby they can return to or remain in their homes.  Bryant said the facility has a strong discharge planning philosophy where they are able to assist patients and their families in planning for their return home.

Bryant said the facility provides skilled care, long-term care, assisted living and short-term rehabilitation.  The facility also offers three days per week of physician coverage by Dr. Eugenio Gonzalez and his group.

He said the fact that Genesis Poplar Heights is a member of a large corporation, the facility has the ability to process most commercial and managed care insurances as well a Medicare and Medicaid for patients.

“I think that is very important,” said Bryant.

Bryant said the staff takes a holistic approach to providing care.  He said Genesis Poplar Heights offers more than just nursing care. He said the facility has a dietary department, strong nursing skills, and an in-house therapy team that is devoted to the patients.

Bryant said the staff tries to work with families in scheduling meetings so that the family can receive updates on their loved one’s condition and the steps the staff are taking to help their loved one become more independent.

“One thing that impressed me is the complete sense of devotion from the family base,” said Bryant.

He said that at Genesis Poplar Heights there are a lot of families who are engaged in their loved one’s care.  Bryant said that is important for both the patient as well as the family.

When asked why he chose to accept the position at Genesis Poplar Heights, Bryant said, “Bladen County has always been kind of a familiar place to me.”

He said that when growing up, his family would often visit relatives in Elizabethtown as well as eat and shop here. Bryant said Elizabethtown and Clinton became like home.

Bryant took a moment to reflect and said, “I consider it (the position with Poplar Heights) a very good opportunity and a desired location. I was actually excited about working in this type of community.”

Bryant said one goal he has for the facility is the addition of cable television for all residents to be provided by the facility. Currently, cable television is provided by the patient’s family. Bryant said the family must contact the cable company regarding the installation and the monthly cable bill must be paid by the family.  Bryant said he would like to see that change.

“This will be something the facility is able to provide,” said Bryant.

Bryant is originally from Fayetteville and holds a degree in Sociology. He is a graduate of Methodist University and  has worked in geriatric care since 1990 and says he enjoys it.

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