Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary
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Cape Fear Parrot SanctuaryPolly Wants a Cracker, but Charlie Wants to Paint

Alan Smith, a Bladen County native, and his partner, Ces Erdman, invite you to discover the Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary, a thriving haven nestled in Pink Hill, NC. As the Sanctuary’s Director, Erdman dedicates his time to rescuing, rehabilitating, and nurturing parrots in need – those who are unwanted, mistreated, neglected, or left without caregivers. The mission of the Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary is to provide a permanent refuge and a lifelong, nurturing environment for these feathered companions.

Cape Fear Parrot SanctuaryThe Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary envisions a bright future where expansive aviaries grace the landscape of southeastern North Carolina. Within these sanctuaries, parrots can relish their natural lives, soaring through the skies and fostering social connections with their avian companions.

But why, you might ask, do parrots need a sanctuary? Parrots are inherently social creatures, flourishing in flocks within their native habitats. Over countless generations, they’ve developed vibrant plumage, distinctive calls, and intricate family structures to attract mates and sustain their ecosystems. Despite their vital roles, their allure has led to centuries of collection, breeding, and trade.

Today, parrots rank as the fourth most popular pets in America, trailing behind dogs, cats, and freshwater fish. Consumers bring them into their lives for various reasons: as companions for children, to fill the void left by lost pets, or simply as a newfound hobby. Popular media, including movies and books, often fuels the demand for these captivating birds.

The surge in parrot sales within the United States followed the 1992 passage of the Wild Bird Conservation Act, which made it illegal to import most wild-caught parrots. While this legislation benefited conservation efforts, it also birthed a new industry – the “parrot mills.” At their peak, these facilities churned out over 750,000 parrots annually, destined for pet stores and other markets.

The Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary emerges as a vital solution to this challenge. Southeastern North Carolina’s vast aviaries offer the best environment for parrots that have been repeatedly “rehomed” and are no longer suitable for domestic settings. Currently spanning 6 acres in Pink Hill, NC, with hopes of expansion, the sanctuary allows parrots to spread their wings, bask in the outdoors, renew their social bonds, and lead lives in harmony with their natural instincts. In North Carolina, no other facility caters to these remarkable animals.

Cape Fear Parrot SanctuaryErdman remarks, “There are less than 10 parrot sanctuaries in the entire country, so spectators from all over would likely flock to a sanctuary on the coast.” The Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary’s website showcases over 50 resident parrots, including an artistic parrot named Charlie. (Website: http://www.capefearparrotsanctuary.org/) When you visit the site, don’t forget to meet Charlie, the Picasso of Parrots. Additionally, there are numerous upcoming events where the public can meet and interact with these charming birds.

Cape Fear Parrot SanctuaryMark your calendars:

  1. Open House on January 10th from 11 AM – 4 PM at 331 Weston Road, Pink Hill, NC.
  2. Parrot Party on January 24, 2015, from 6-8 PM at 6515 Old Fort Road, Wilmington, NC.
  3. “Feathers, Fur, & Friends” 2nd Annual Pet EXPO – Saturday, March 8, 2015, from 11 am – 4 pm at Wilmington Moose Lodge, located at 4610 Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington, NC. Enjoy Free Admission, Raffles, Music, Face Painting for Kids, Pet Adoptions, Exotic Parrot Display, and the chance to have your photo taken with a parrot.

Feel free to contact Ces Erdman at 910-471-2186 or via email at cesnc1978@hotmail.com. You can also show your support by visiting and ‘liking’ their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/CapeFearParrotSanctuary/info?tab=page_info and staying updated on the latest news stories at http://coastalnc.twcnews.com/content/search/703064/wilmington-nonprofit-seeking-donations-to-build-aviaries/.

The Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary, a 501c3 non-profit, operates under the guidance of a dedicated board of directors, with Ces Erdman serving as President, Dawn Willmann as Vice President, Terri Holland as Treasurer, Charlotte Almada as Secretary, and Shannon MacKay contributing to the team’s efforts.



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