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Chairman Hayes Commends Harris’ Court Action, Calls For Certification

Raleigh, NC — North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes has issued the following statement:

“We applaud Congressman-Elect Mark Harris’ campaign for taking this important action to make sure the more-than 750,000 people in the Ninth Congressional District are represented in Congress. The North Carolina Republican Party fully supports this needed court action.

“Given multiple opportunities for a full public hearing on the alleged voting irregularities, the members of the former State Board failed to act. The three-judge panel – made up of two Democrats and one Republican – noted as such:

‘The parties have not given even a cursory explanation as to why the hearing was continued from December 28, 2018 until January 11, 2019, let alone one demonstrating compelling reasons and substantial and reasonable justification, for not only the additional time needed, but the total disregard of the previous Order of the Court in extending the stay.’
“As noted in the court filing, there is ample precedent to base certification of a race based on the certified results of the local board of elections when the State Board cannot or will not act. That is clearly the case here. Dr. Harris won more legal votes in this race and no public evidence shows otherwise. Allegations of massive systematic manufacturing, altering and/or destruction of votes has not been proven to be true. Absent evidence that rises to the level of having changed the outcome of the race, or a substantial likelihood the outcome of the race could have been altered, Dr. Harris should be certified.

“We tried to give the now-defunct Democrat-led State Board of Elections the benefit of the doubt, that they were looking for the truth. The constant delays, the lack of substantial public evidence, and the violation of the court order combined with Governor Cooper’s attempt to create a sham kangaroo election board shows no good faith is justified.

“Dr. Harris won. He should be certified and begin representing the Ninth in Congress and all criminal investigations should continue via local, state, and federal prosecutors.”

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