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By Erin Smith

When people think of Hospice, they general think of end-of-care. Hospice offers its clients much more than that.

Brooke Hinson, the Community Outreach Coordinator with Lower Cape Fear Hospice, shared with the members of the Elizabethtown-White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce how Hospice offers clients and care givers more than just end-of-life care.

She stated her first experience with Hospice care involved her grandfather. Hinson related that her initial familiarity with Hospice care was with care provided to terminally ill clients.

“I used to be one of the people who believed in myths about Hospice,” said Hinson.

She related there are several myths about Hospice care. One of them is that when someone is admitted to Hospice care, they will not go home again. Hinson explained that is not true. She said Hospice can provide palliative care such as assisting with pain management, support for care givers,  support for family members, a reduction in hospitalizations and providing information to the client regarding their advanced care planning.

Another myth is the client must give up their primary care physician. Hinson said while Hospice does have physicians, a client can keep their current primary care physician when they enter Hospice care.

Hinson outlined that Lower Cape Fear Hospice offers hospice care to those with a life expectancy of six months or less. Lower Cape Fear Hospice offers palliative care for those who are dealing with serious illnesses and Hospice offers grief support to families. Lower Cape Fear Hospice also offers community education on all aspects of end-of-life care and support for family members and care givers.

Hinson also said Lower Cape Fear Hospice offers three care centers—one in Whiteville, one in Wilmington and one in Brunswick County.

She explained the care centers aren’t just for the clients. Hinson explained care givers who need a break can go to a Hospice care center for a brief stay to rest.

To learn more about Lower Cape Fear Hospice, go to www.lcfh.org or call 1-800-207-6908.

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