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RALEIGH – The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Air Quality has received an application for a permit modification from Chemours for the Fayetteville Works facility. The application for the “Vinyl Ethers Expansion and Hydrolysis Line” is available here: https://deq.nc.gov/media/32001/open.

The Division will conduct a comprehensive review of the application. The Division plans to schedule a full public engagement process, including a public comment period and public hearings, to be announced at a later date.

DEQ remains focused on the immediate need to address the PFAS contamination from Chemours and its impacts to North Carolinians throughout the Cape Fear River basin. DEQ will continue its ongoing efforts to reduce or eliminate environmental impacts from the facility’s ongoing operations and the residual contamination at the site. 

DEQ’s priority is protecting our communities and the drinking water sources that North Carolinians rely on. Drinking water sources, both public and private, have been directly impacted by PFAS in air emissions and wastewater discharges from Chemours. Chemours must meet all of its obligations to clean up the PFAS contamination impacting thousands of residents in at least eight counties and provide them with alternate water. DEQ will continue to hold Chemours accountable for the cleanup and for preventing future impacts to North Carolinians. DEQ will continue to use all available authority, including the Consent Order, ongoing actions by the EPA, and advances in the science and understanding of PFAS to do so.

Comments about Chemours can be sent to DEQ at comments.chemours@ncdenr.gov.

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