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The town of Clarkton has wrapped up a water project, according to Chris Hall, who works with the town. The project saw the replacement of a stretch of water line and the addition of two fire hydrants along the US 701 Bypass and on Burney Ford Road.

Hall said on the US 701 Bypass, a section of galvanized pipe was replaced with PVC pipe and two fire hydrants added.  Residents along this section of water line should see improvement in water flow and the additional hydrants will improve fire fighting capabilities.

Hall said on Burney Ford Road a galvanized section of pipe was replaced with a larger 6-inch pipe and two fire hydrants were added.

The improvements were included in a 20-year capital improvement plan that was created by Hall’s predecessor Mr. Alton Boswell.

Engineers updated the board at their May meeting regarding the final project and its completion.  Hall said he will soon begin meeting with engineers to begin creating the town’s next  20 year capital improvement plan.