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By Hannah Davis

Photos by Kenneth Armstrong, https://www.kenarmphoto.com/

While Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery has had to close its restaurants and cottages due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Cape Fear Distillery remains in operation. Recent conditions have caused a shortage of essential supplies, one of which is hand sanitizer. In response, the Tobacco Trade Bureau has allowed distilleries to produce hand sanitizer without having to undergo the typical testing protocols.

Cape Fear Distillery has taken this opportunity to serve the community during this crisis by using their inventory of distilled spirits, used to make their gin and rum, to produce hand sanitizer. It’s distributed to nursing homes, businesses like Anderson Drug Store, Big Blue Store, Bladen Builders, Clarkton Drugs, and other local establishments.

Cape Fear Distillery is continuing to sell its products at this time. Alex Monroe, the owner, claims that gin sales are up despite the recent conditions. He hopes that this crisis will end before his straight bourbon reaches the four-year mark in its aging in six months.

Local businesses like Cape Fear Distillery show their dedication to the community during these daunting and unprecedented times by adapting to new restrictions and helping members of the community in any way possible.

The hand sanitizer they produced will hopefully slow the spread of the virus and keep members of the community safe and healthy, according to the owner. They have already sold out of hand sanitizer this week, but they hope to have more produced by next week.

The local stores offering the Cape Fear Distillery hand sanitizer offer a quart size for $19.99. Other sizes may be available as well.

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