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Crowd Celebrates Goldston’s 100th Anniversary

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by Leyton Ezzell

Goldston’s Beach at White Lake, North Carolina, with a significant facelift and name change, was celebrated for its 100th Anniversary with free concerts and more. Now Goldston’s Beach is referred to as “The Grand Regal At Goldston’s Beach.”

Town of White Lake Mayor Goldston Womble said this weekend, “I feel great about it, and I feel great about the changes to the area.”

The Grand Regal is a project spanning White Lake, including The Regal Resort Campground, The Venue, Carolina Bay, Goldston’s Motel, and Goldston’s Beach. According to news reports, the new owners, Dean and Jenna Hilton, partnered with Mollie Womble and Jake Womble. The Wombles are grandchildren of long-time Goldston’s owner Harry Womble.

The improvements began with a remodel of Goldston’s arcade, restaurants, and the former gift shop. Unfortunately, the rides at Goldston’s, minus the famous carousel, have been decommissioned and removed. The Goldston’s Arcade updates include new flooring, new restrooms, new games, and a new sitting area for the Dairy Queen customers. The former bingo hall is now converted into The Glass Bottom, a bar/restaurant combination, and a live music venue.

Goldston’s has more family-friendly restaurants besides The Glass Bottom. The Landing is serving seafood, while The Dive specializes in burgers and sandwiches. The former Goldston’s Gift Shop has been renovated and renamed to The Wake Zone. The Wake Zone is now a recreational store, offering name-brand clothing, swim gear, and wakeboards. Also new on the scene, there are paddleboard and kayak rentals available by Sup Station.

This weekend The Grand Regal At Goldston’s Beach celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the tourist location with free live music concerts, food, fun, and big smiles. The new business owners thanked those in attendance for supporting the family business for 100 years.

“We love improvements to the property while keeping the nostalgia we have come to treasure,” the Jolleys couple stated while attending the Saturday night free concert.

Connie Naylor with Tar Heel Campground said, “We love White Lake and the new Goldston’s. We had an awesome time tonight!”

This Sunday, July 4th, a fireworks show is planned at Goldston’s Beach after sundown.

The Grand Regal At Goldston’s Beach is located at 1589 White Lake Drive at White Lake, NC.