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This Day In History

1877 – “American Bicycling Journal” begins publishing (Boston, Mass)

1882 – 1st string of Christmas tree lights created by Thomas Edison.

1894 – United States Golf Association forms (NYC).

1943 – Manufacturers get permission to use synthetic rubber for baseball core.

1956 – Colo is born, the first gorilla to be bred in captivity at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Columbus, Ohio.

1965 – “Doctor Zhivago” based on the novel by Boris Pasternak, directed by David Lean and starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie premieres in NYC.

1973 – OPEC Gulf Six decides to raise the posted price of marker crude from $5.12 to $11.65 per barrel effective January 1, 1974.

1974 – Phil Esposito, Boston, became 6th NHLer to score 500 goals.

1976 – Your Arm’s Too Short….” opens at Lyceurn NYC for 429 performances.

1977 – 36 die as grain elevator at Continental Grain Company plant explodes.

1984 – Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” single goes #1 for 6 weeks.

1988 – 2 robbers wearing police uniforms rob armored truck of $3M in NJ.

1990 – Israeli ferry capsizes killing 21 US servicemen.

1995 – David Cone signs $19.5 million, 3 year contract with NY Yankees.

1969 – Pete Marovich sets NCAA record of hitting 30 of 31 foul shots.

1997 – Merck baldness pill for men approved by FDA.

2001 – Richard Feid attempts to destroy a passenger airliner by igniting explosives hidden in his shoes aboard American Flight 63.

2003 – The New York Knicks hire Isiah Thomas as President of Basketball Operations.

2010 – The repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, the 17-year-old policy banning on homosexuals serving in the United States military, was signed into law by President Barack Obama.

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