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Amy Stephens could never decide what she wanted to be when she grew up. Maybe a paleontologist or, perhaps, an artist.

It turned out life on a farm in Carver’s Creek and Council has been her “paradise.” It’s the “Center of the Known Universe,” she tells others, and it’s where she lives with her husband, children and grandchildren. Her family has been on the farm since 1865.


Along the way Stephens began collecting stories and tidbits about life in rural southeastern North Carolina. After a life changing event in 2011 and a stay in the hospital Stephens decided to take those stories and, perhaps, with a bit of embellishment for good measure and maybe an added story or two, write a book about growing up in a farming community in 1968.

Dream Seller is her debut novel. The author says it will stir the memories of folks that grew up in rural southeastern North Carolina in the 1960s. It was a time when family secrets were really kept in the closet and children were kept in the dark.

It’s available on Amazon by clicking here.

The two main characters of the book, 16-year-old Iver Johnson Murphy and his grandfather, Erastus Rembrandt Edwards, Esq, M.D., Masseuse and Artificial Blood Circulator, embark on a great adventure. Iver wants to date the prettiest girl he has ever seen, and Doc, his grandfather, wants to remarry his fourth wife, sort of, Iver’s grandmother, his greatest love.

Dream Seller will show life in rural Bladen County in the late 1960s through the eyes of young Iver. Stephens says she chose a rural Bladen County setting because that’s where she has lived and believes an author should write about what she knows best. Iver is basically showing life through Stephens’ eyes.

Stephens received a degree in Animal Science from N.C. State and taught high school for awhile.

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