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A Staff Report

The East Bladen High School Homecoming festivities were grand as students, alumni, and the community came together to celebrate this cherished tradition. The crowning of Homecoming King, Maison Brooks, and Homecoming Queen, Heidi Rebollar Ventura, marked a highlight of this memorable event.

Photos of the Homecoming Court are below:

The heart of downtown Elizabethtown came alive with excitement as East Bladen High School proudly showcased their spirit with a spirited parade. Floats adorned with vibrant decorations, student marching bands, and enthusiastic supporters filled the streets, creating a jubilant atmosphere that resonated throughout the town.

Despite Mother Nature’s plans to rain on their parade, the East Bladen Eagles refused to let inclement weather dampen their spirits. The much-anticipated Homecoming football game, originally scheduled for Friday, September 22, had to be postponed to Monday, September 25. But that delay only added to the anticipation, as fans eagerly awaited this showdown.

When the time finally came, the East Bladen Eagles took to the field with unyielding determination. Their opponents, the East Columbus Gators, were formidable, but the Eagles soared to victory with a remarkable score of 46 to 8. The victory was a testament to their skill and teamwork and a fitting tribute to the spirit of Homecoming.

The East Bladen community rallied behind their team, creating an electrifying atmosphere in the stands. Cheers, chants, and the spirit of unity filled the air, making it a Homecoming game to remember.

East Bladen High School’s Homecoming celebration was not just about the football game; it was a reflection of the pride and unity that define the school’s community. The crowning of Maison Brooks and Heidi Rebollar-Ventura as Homecoming King and Queen added a touch of royalty to the festivities, symbolizing the cherished traditions and values upheld by the school.

As the Homecoming parade wound its way through the heart of Elizabethtown and the football team secured a resounding victory, it was evident that the East Bladen Eagles had celebrated their Homecoming in style. The memories created during this special occasion will undoubtedly linger for years to come, serving as a testament to the enduring spirit and pride of East Bladen High School.

The video of the homecoming parade on our YouTube Channel is linked below:


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