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Audrey Hehl’s 5th-grade class connected with Israeli students via a 30-minute Zoom session. Mrs. Hehl and Mrs. Gali Lev Ari, Israeli teacher, facilitated a student-led conversation on topics that included, but not limited to, pop culture, favorite food, and recreational activities.

Hehl stated “Dr. Renee Steele, Instructional Coach for Elizabethtown Middle School, facilitated coordinating this international collaboration.”

Dr. Renee Steele

Steele said, “as a result of being awarded the Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Fellowship, I have been exposed to resources and tools to help globalize a classroom. As educators, we should provide educational experiences to equip our students with the necessary skill sets to compete in the global marketplace.”

Hehl stated, “Many of our students feel isolated and alone during the mandated virtual learning due to Covid-19. Having the opportunity to connect with other students, even in different countries, helps them feel connected and understood. Exposing students to new cultures, communities, and languages helps them to expand their world view. They begin to understand they share many commonalities with their peers around the world, even Israeli students like pizza, video games, and soccer too.”

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