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by Charlotte Smith

Time To Kill Productions announced Veterans Ethan Morse and Neal Schrodetzki created a new docu-series narrated by Sam Elliott. Elizabethtown resident Edward Tatum is featured in the four-part docuseries.

The new releases will be available online Christmas Day through Amazon. According to Tatum, since 2016 Morse and Schrodetzki have been working on the creation. The filmmakers are Army Veterans who served the specialty platoons of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment in Washington D.C.  The duo wanted to showcase the unique honor and history of the platoons’ service. According to reports, Schrodetzki gained exclusive access to the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment for filming after the release of the documentary The Unknowns.

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Edward Tatum with newspaper clippings of his services in the funeral service of Colonel Charles McMahon.

Edward Tatum of Elizabethtown was drafted into the Army during the 1970’s. He served in the Old Guard, guarded the Tomb of the Unkowns and is featured in The Unknowns documentary in 2016. In the new film, Tatum recalls his experience serving in the funeral of the last casualty in the Vietnam War, Colonel Charles McMahon.

McMahon’s casket arriving in Thailand – photo from family

The deep, rich voice of Sam Elliott providing the narration is hoped to be well received. The docuseries will go world-wide in 2021 and arrive on more than 50 streaming services.

If you are looking for an interesting history lesson this holiday season, check out ’Honor Gaurd’.

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