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Learning about hurricanes will help keep you prepared during hurricane season, which continues through November 30.

Make sure you do not confuse myths for facts, so you can be confident about taking the proper preparedness actions.

Here are a few myths to look out for when you are preparing for a hurricane:
Myth: Homeowner’s insurance will cover everything if a hurricane affects your home.
Fact: Standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood damage. Consult your insurance agent about flood damage and learn more from the National Flood Insurance Program.
Myth: Taping windows will protect them from strong, hurricane force winds.
Fact: Taping windows can create larger, deadlier shards of glass. Hurricane shutters and impact-resistant windows are far more effective against breakage.
Myth: It is okay to drive through a small amount of floodwater.
Fact: The depth of water is not always obvious, and moving water has tremendous power. As little as one (1) foot of water can sweep your vehicle off the roadway.

For more myths vs. facts and great information on how to prepare this hurricane season, visit Prepareathon’s Hurricane page.

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