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Four County gives electrical safety class

By Charlotte Smith

May is Electrical Safety Month! This month, make electrical safety a priority. Help your family avoid dangerous situations by taking a few easy precautions, Four County Electric Membership Corporation reminded their members earlier this week. 

Charles Lewis, First Class Lineman and Brent Croom, Director of Safety with Four County Electric Membership Corporation conducted an electrical safety demonstration for Bladen County students Friday morning. Students learned about what to do during a lighting storms and they were given other electrical safety tips. 

Bladen County students, Jordan Jarmon and Hope Maddingly, spoke about Hurricane Florence and the lighting striking near their home during the huge storm.

Amy Schumacher, Bladen Occupational School teacher helped the lineman explain the dangers of electricity to her her class. 

Some tips the experts gave the students were to stay out of lighting storms, don’t touch down power lines, and stay away from trees when it is lightening. 

View the whole presentation given to the students today by the Four County Electric professionals on our YouTube Channel

“We try, as time permits, to do these demonstrations at other area schools,” Croom said. 

View the video now:

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