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Garland Apparel Group To Reopen Former Brooks Brothers Facility

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Cayenne Acquisitions Group, LLC purchased the Brooks Brothers Garland facility on June 18. Garland Apparel Group LLC will lease and reopen the facility late summer for its cut-and-sew operations. The facility will continue to produce branded shirts for multiple designers and add military shirts and PPE production to their product line.

The textile industry in the U.S. has taken a significant hit over the last several decades, as more cut-and-sew companies took their manufacturing division abroad or closed. Kenneth Ragland, managing member of the Garland Apparel Group LLC, said “The expert cut-and-sew talent (workforce) in the greater Garland area was key to our decision to locate to this region.

“We are working with multiple entities that are seeking American Made shirts and other products. We envision this location being very important for our ability to fill purchase orders and grow our company.”

Over 100 jobs are expected to return to Garland by the end of year 1. Over 180 jobs are projected by the end of year 3. When Brooks Brothers closed its Garland operations, it had shy of 150 employees.

Clark Wooten, chair of the Sampson County Board of Commissioners said, “We are grateful to the Garland Apparel Group LLC for investing in the Garland community and in Sampson County, NC. Most of all, we know this company is committed to invest in and grow a strong workforce that will continue to support apparel design companies across the U.S. We look forward to supporting this company as they grow and expand in our community.”

Garland felt the brunt of the blow when Brooks Brothers shut down its operations a year ago. Garland Mayor Winifred Hill Murphy said “We are ecstatic about the recent sale of the former Brooks Brothers plant. This is a boost for all the citizens of Garland, the many employees who have been out of work for the past year, and for the continued economic growth of our hometown.

“We are so thankful that Mr. Ragland has invested in Garland, Sampson County, and our people. We appreciate Sampson County and the State of North Carolina for helping to facilitate this sale. After the pandemic and the many gloomy challenges that the town has faced, we finally feel a ray of sunshine and see a beautiful rainbow.”

Sampson County Economic Development Commission will work closely with state, regional, and local partners to support Garland Apparel Group LLC’s building repair, and hiring and training needs.