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Former Miss Dublin Peanut Festival, Hailey Hudson, was honored on February 28th, 2024, when North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson proclaimed her the Goodwill Ambassador for Social Media Safety for North Carolina.

Hudson’s journey towards this significant recognition began when she was crowned Miss North Carolina Volunteer in November 2023, a title that highlights her beauty, grace, and her commitment to serving her community. Her dedication to social causes caught the attention of state officials, leading to her appointment as a goodwill ambassador.

After receiving her new title, Hailey quoted the North Carolina State Motto, “Esse Quam Videri,” adding, “I am incredibly humbled, honored, and thankful. I love serving my home state and being an advocate for a cause that personally impacted me. Let us all be, rather to just seem.

In June, Hudson will be able to represent North Carolina nationally as she competes in the Miss Volunteer America pageant in Jackson, TN. With a $50,000 scholarship at stake, Hudson’s participation underscores her ambition and drive to excel academically and professionally.

“Speak Up for Social Media Safety”

At the heart of Hudson’s community service initiative is her project titled “Speak Up for Social Media Safety.” Through this initiative, she endeavors to raise awareness about internet safety and educate individuals, particularly the youth, about the potential dangers lurking in the digital realm. With the pervasive influence of social media in today’s society, Hudson’s efforts are both timely and crucial in fostering a safer online environment.

Impactful Efforts

Hudson’s designation as Goodwill Ambassador for Social Media Safety will allow her to make a bigger impact on her social media advocacy throughout the state and nation. Her strategic use of online platforms to disseminate information and engage with her audience has garnered widespread recognition and support.

Hudson is the daughter of Shannon and Amy Hudson. She graduated from East Bladen High School in 2019 before pursuing higher education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In May, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UNC’s Honors College with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Journalism, complemented by a second major in Political Science.

Currently, Hudson is continuing her academic journey at UNC School of Law, with aspirations to become a practicing attorney. Her multifaceted background in media, journalism, and political science equips her with a diverse skill set and a nuanced understanding of societal issues, which she aims to leverage in her future legal career.

A Beautiful Inspiration

Hailey Hudson’s remarkable journey from a small-town girl to a beautiful inspiration underscores the transformative power of determination, passion, and service. As she embarks on the next chapter of her life, she remains steadfast in her commitment to making a positive difference in the world, one post, one speech, and one action at a time.

In honoring Hudson as the Goodwill Ambassador for Social Media Safety, North Carolina recognizes her achievements. She acknowledges the collective responsibility we all share in ensuring the well-being and safety of our communities, both online and offline.

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