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By Charlotte Smith

Many friends and families are drawing close this time of year to celebrate the holidays. Some may be in search of ways to make the gatherings more fun and exciting.

Our BladenOnline.com team has had our fair share of parties. We found some games that have brought many laughs. Below are the games with instructions.

The newest one we found and really like is the “Christmas Plate Drawing” game.


White paper plates. We used plates made by Dixie, but any white paper plate brand should work just fine, however, you want to make sure the plates do not have wax on the bottom.

Markers, colored pencils or crayons.


Everyone participating will need one paper plate and access to the markers, colored pencils or crayons.

After distributing enough colored drawing utensils and paper plates to the party goers instruct them to place their plates on their heads and do not remove them until they are instructed to do so.

Ask them to draw the following items in the order below:

Draw a line across your plate to make a floor.

Draw a tree.

Decorate your tree for Christmas.

Draw a fire place.

Draw a star on the Christmas tree.

Now, draw stocking hung by the fire.

Draw presents under the tree.

Now, take your plates off your head and write the points you collect on the back of your plate.

Tree touches the floor – 2 points

Decorations are on the tree – 2 points

Star is on top of your tree – 2 points

The stockings are not in the fire – 4 points for not causing a fire hazard.

Presents are under the tree – 2 points

Your neighbor can tell where your star is at on your plate – 4 points.

Next we will mention the “Christmas Cookie Race” game:


You will need Christmas Cookies. Store bought or home made, but make sure they don’t crumble too easily.


Have participants place one cookie on their forehead. The first person who can get the cookie in their mouth by only using their face to move the cookie wins!

“What’s Is In That Stocking” game:


A stocking

A peice of paper and pen or pencil for each person

Miscellaneous items from around the house. We have used the following items in the stocking: An orange, a candle, an ornament, a photo, a Christmas card,  mistletoe, a bottle top, a rock, etc.


Do not allow anyone to see what is inside the stocking. Pass the stocking around allowing each guest to put one hand in the stocking and feel what is inside the stocking. Give each person one minute to feel inside the stocking. Then ask them to write down what they think each item is.

The last game, but is usually the one we start with is called, “Awe, you said it!”


Enough candy canes for each person present to have two.


Pick one word that would be popular to say such as: Christmas, holiday or present

Give each person two (2) candy canes as soon as they enter the gathering and give them the game instructions. No one can say the popular word because if they do, anyone who hears them say the word can take their candy cane. The person with the most candy canes at the end of the evening wins the game.





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