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Several of our readers have been voicing their concerns about the Mother County. One hot topic we have heard a lot about is Advisory Boards.

Citizens have asked us: How are people chosen for these boards? Are there certain stipulations to serve on the boards? How do can I be placed on an Advisory Board of my interests?

We met with County Manager, Greg Martin and Maria Edwards, Clerk to the Board/Assistant to the County Manager to find out more about roles the Advisory Boards play in Bladen County and to answer the questions of our readers. 

“The operation of Bladen County government is a shared responsibility of elected officials, staffs, and many citizens who serve voluntarily on various boards, commissions, committees, and councils. The County is best served when there is broad representation of citizen demographics and interests on the boards, commissions, committees, and councils,” is how the Bladen County Board of Commissioners: Policy and Procedures For Appointments to County Boards, Commissions, Committees and Councils reads.

It continues by saying, “The Bladen County Board of Commissioners is sensitive to the need for fairness in making appointments to boards, commissions, committees, and councils. In making appointments, the Board will have as a goal the fair representation of all Bladen County citizens, taking into consideration age, sex, race and geographic distribution.”

The Board of Commissioners desires to appoint qualified, knowledgeable, and dedicated people to serve on the boards, commissions, committees, and councils. The Board will continuously solicit the interest and input of Bladen County citizens in making appointments. The Board of Commissioners expects appointees to take actions while serving on boards, commissions, committees, and councils which are consistent with and which uphold county policies pertaining to the area in which he or she is serving according to the same policy and procedures manual.

The only Advisory Board mandating citizens appointed according to the ordinances is the Health and Human Services Advisory Board, which is also the only paid Advisory Board. The payment for this board is minimal according to Mr. Martin.

Any resident of Bladen County is eligible to be appointed to boards, commissions, committees, and councils of the County, where such appointment is not prohibited by state statute or County ordinance. Non-Bladen County residents may be considered for appointment to an advisory board at the discretion of the Board of County Commissioners when county residents do not meet stated requirements.

An application is available for any  citizen interested in volunteering to be on an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board members are appointed at different times depending on the board. For a list of the dates for Advisory Board Appointments click here.

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