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Peruvian festival music performers La Patronal will visit the Carolina Civic Center Historic Theater on Saturday March 30, 2019 to share their authentic music and dance with a 1-2 p.m. free community dance workshop and a 7 p.m. performance. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about a different culture!  The workshop is family compatible, good for beginners and advanced dancers equally and a great way to discover Peruvian culture. The 1 p.m. community dance workshop is free and open to the public. Registration is requested and can be made by calling 910-738-4339. Tickets for the evening concert are $15 each or $10 for Students with ID. Tickets can be purchased any time on-line at http://www.carolinaciviccenter.com or in person and telephone noon-5:30 pm weekdays through the administrative offices on the theater’s 2nd Floor (use 4th Street entrance), or by calling the theater at 738-4339 Ext. 1. The Theater lobby box office opens for ticket sales one hour prior to the performance.

La Patronal is a unique brass band from Lima, Peru. Rooted in the tradition of ‘fiestas populares’ or town fairs common in rural villages across Latin America, La Patronal honors these gatherings, which celebrate tradition through fireworks, dancing, and religious images. La Patronal members are direct descendants of rural musicians from Peru, and use this knowledge of folk culture in combination with their formal music studies to preserve their heritage while also bringing it to the present. Their lively performances encourage audience participation and dancing with contagious percussion and vibrant brass and winds.

This performance is partially underwritten by a grant from the Mid-Atlantic Arts Federation and includes a free community dance workshop at the theater on Saturday afternoon.

This engagement of La Patronal is made possible through Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America, a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts. This performance also is partially underwritten by a grant from the Robeson County Arts Council and North Carolina Arts Council.

More detail about the public workshop:


If you want to dive deeper into ancestral Peruvian culture and dance, join us for a 45-60 minute dance workshop accompanied by dancers and musicians from La Patronal. You will learn three different genres and dances originating in Peru: Traditional Cumbia, the Dance of the Diablicos of Tucume and Marinera Norteña.

Dance of the Diablicos from Tucume: A religious, ancestral tradition of Peru, resulting from the syncretism of Aboriginal and Catholic cultures in the northern coast of Peru. Danced to the beat of a drum and a wooden flute the dance of the Diablicos is a group activity great for breaking the ice and learning about symbols and gestures of Peruvian culture and the encounters and discrepancies between the Inca culture and the Catholic traditions brought into Peru during Spanish colonization. Martin Granados, dancer at La Patronal is a member and lead Dancer of the Diablicos from Tucume in Lambayeque.

Cumbia: Peruvian Cumbia became popular in the 1960’s after the fusion of Colombian Cumbia, the local Huayno and and other psychedelic post world war genres. Melodies differ from Colombian cumbia bringing into the music a more Andean style, following melodic patterns derived from coastal traditions of Peru. It differs from the dance of the Diablicos and from La Marinera by being a more free-style dance, often performed in couples.

Marinera Norteña and Tondero: Are coastal dances of Peru with African, Indigenous and Spanish roots. Known all across Peru because of the graceful and romantic gestures it involves. Dancers use handkerchiefs as props, reenacting courtship. Damaris Peña, dancer for La Patronal, is a National Champion of these genres and will introduce the dances and its differences to the Audience.

The workshop is family compatible, good for beginners and advanced dancers equally and a great way to discover Peruvian culture.

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