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By Charlotte Smith

Update – Krista Lee gave an update about the upcoming local women’s conference saying, “We are asking everyone to sign up by this Sunday the 24th because we are having to prepare attendee bags ahead of time as well as lunch on Saturday for everyone and need to order items on the 25th.  With that being said, we do plan to have about 8 extra lunches on hand so we can receive walk in’s.”

Empowering Women to Treasure Christ as Their Ultimate Reward

The Ladies Fall Conference, hosted by the Dublin First Baptist Church (DFBC), is poised to be a transformative two-day event dedicated to providing a unique space for women and teens to retreat from life’s challenges and embrace a concentrated time of spiritual renewal and encouragement. Set to take place on September 29th and 30th, this conference promises to be an enriching experience, designed to equip attendees with the tools to deepen their relationship with God and to find genuine satisfaction in Christ alone.

The heart of this conference lies in the belief that true contentment and fulfillment can only be found in Christ. The event seeks to guide women towards this profound understanding with three main and two break-out sessions. From the moment the doors open at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 29th, attendees will be enveloped in an atmosphere of spiritual camaraderie. The initial evening allows participants to engage in fellowship, pick up their registration packets, explore the vendor hall, and prepare for the first main session at 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, September 30th, will commence with doors opening at 8:00 a.m., followed by a day packed with spiritual enlightenment. According to Mrs. Krisa Lee, with DFBC, the conference will offer six enlightening break-out sessions; each focused on a different facet of finding satisfaction in Christ. These sessions include topics such as “Developing a Disposition of Delight in Jesus,” “Finding Satisfaction through Brokenness and Surrender,” “Mission Impossible… without Christ,” “The Gift of Blessing,” “Finding Satisfaction in His Sovereignty,” and “Looking for Satisfaction Everywhere Else.” These sessions, led by accomplished speakers, aim to provide attendees with a diverse range of insights to aid them on their spiritual journey.

The driving force behind the Ladies Fall Conference is the DFBC’s ladies ministry team. Succinctly, their vision is to equip, encourage, and nurture passionate women who hold Christ at the center of their lives. This year’s theme, “Satisfied, Making Christ Your Reward,” was thoughtfully chosen to address the struggles and distractions women of all ages face in their pursuit of spiritual fulfillment.

The conference is honored to welcome Reba Bowman, Founder, and CEO of Dare for More Ministries, as the main speaker. With over three decades of experience, Reba has dedicated her life to empowering women to find victory, hope, and healing. Through her organization, Dare for More Ministries; she has been instrumental in touching the lives of women globally, helping them break free from the chains of poverty, abuse, and trafficking. Reba’s dynamic speaking and teaching, coupled with her deep-rooted faith, resonate powerfully with audiences.

Lee stated, “Reba’s humor and genuine love for people and Jesus make each of her sessions an impactful experience.”

Reba’s expertise is beautifully balanced with her approachable demeanor, genuine love for people, and contagious passion for Christ. As an author of multiple books and Bible studies, a featured speaker on national radio, and a podcast co-host, she brings a wealth of wisdom and insight to the conference.

The heartbeat of the conference resonates with Psalm 73:25-26, a poignant reminder of the incomparable joy and satisfaction found in being near God. Reaffirming that earthly distractions can only provide temporary gratification, the conference urges attendees to seek a personal, intimate relationship with God as the ultimate source of fulfillment.

Mrs. Lee reiterated the theme in her thoughts, “It is the close, personal relationship to God that is going to satisfy our heart. God is the only Sustainer and Preserver of life, but we are only able to recognize the joys of God’s sovereignty and the peace of His presence when we place our full trust in Him and make Him the Lord of our life.”

The Ladies Fall Conference is open to all ladies who seek spiritual rejuvenation and a deeper connection with God. The conference fee is $30, an administrative fee covering meals, drinks, and refreshments. Early bird registration, available until August 31st, offers a discounted rate of $30. After September 1st, the price increases to $35. The registration deadline is Sunday, September 24th.

Participants can register conveniently online at https://www.dublinfbc.org/connect/womens-conference. Additionally, the conference will feature items for purchase made by women rescued by Dare For More Ministries, allowing attendees to support a meaningful cause.

The Ladies Fall Conference 2023 promises to be a pivotal event, inviting women of all backgrounds to experience a transformational encounter with Christ.

Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/satisfied-registration-609026764447

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