• 7:50 am Bladen Recreation 5-7 Softball League: Suncats vs. Snowbirds
  • 7:33 am Bladen Recreation 5-7 Softball League: Diamond Divas vs. Sweet Heat
  • 7:09 am Bladen Recreation 11-12 Softball League: Thunder 14, Force 13
  • 6:48 am Pirates Are Elizabethtown DYB Coach-Pitch Runners-Up
  • 6:43 am Yankees Are Elizabethtown DYB Coach-Pitch Champs
Health Grades

Here we are at the start of a new month and, as always, BladenOnline.com is happy to publish your report from the Bladen County Health Department, concerning the restaurants and eateries they inspected during the month of July.

The list is short this time around, but it is good to see that the fine folks who work hard every month to ensure the cleanliness of our local kitchens were able to enjoy a vacation as well. Take a look at the list below. Bon Appitité.