Health Grades
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By Cheryl Thurston

It seems like January flew by in a flash, and already, we are into the second month of 2019. Are you still keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions? Most years I start off with good intentions and reconsider with the first blast of arctic cold. But this year, I am keeping my word to the best of my ability. I told my grandson I had resolved to keep on breathing in and out for the whole year. So far, so good. I’m well on my way.

Of course its time to view the results of the sanitation inspections, preformed by the fine folks at Bladen County Health Department during the month of January. Its comforting to know that they are working hard to keep our food systems safe and clean. This month they visited restaurants, diners, cafeterias, and kitchens. We all love that comfort food when its cold outside, and we like to know everything is well kept.

BladenOnline.com is happy to bring this report to you as a community service. Please look at the chart below to see if your favorite food place is on this month’s list. Bon Appitité.


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