Health Grades
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By Cheryl Thurston

Hello again in December! Here is a special treat from our friends over at the Bladen County Health Department, just in time for Christmas. The report for the health & sanitation inspections performed in December is complete and published already. Those folks work pretty hard to keep us all safe and healthy so I’d like to say to them, “Thank you all.”

As you know, the inspectors make the rounds to all the restaurants, cafes, diners, bakeries, school cafeterias, and daycare kitchens to inspect the sanitation and healthy practices of our local eatery-owners and their staffs. It takes about 3 months for them to get to every place in the county so the sanitation grades you see posted are in place until the next inspection.

Bladen County has a pretty good record for great places to eat and superior sanitation in our schools and daycare systems. Check out the list below to pick a place to go for a nice meal and you won’t have to wash the dishes. Bon Appetite.

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