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Health Grades

How clean is YOUR favorite restaurant? Wouldn’t you like to know?

We hear a lot in the news about food-borne illnesses and hand-washing (or the lack thereof), and it is something that every parent probably considers when taking the family out to have a nice meal. Sometimes we go out to eat as a celebration, and sometimes it’s just because we don’t have time, or are too tired to cook at home, (or maybe you just don’t like to do the dishes). In either case, eating out, knowing that someone unseen is preparing the food you are going to eat (or feed your children) is reason enough to question the cleanliness of the establishments you like to frequent.

Bladen Online is happy to announce that we will now be offering our readers a monthly update on the health scores given to area eating places in our county. You will be able to refer to us as your news source for restaurant cleanliness, so that you can make informed choices when considering a date night, birthday celebration, or the escape from dish-pan hands.

Your local Health Department schedules regular inspections for restaurants, school cafeterias, grocery stores, and day-care kitchens. (Child and Adult) Every month they offer the reports for the grades that are given to the kitchens they have visited that month. So without further adieu, here are the grades for this month, listed with the establishment name, grade, date of inspection, and location. (FYI – Some establishments are given Letter Grades, some are on a demerit system)