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National Multiple Personality Day

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National Multiple Personality Day is observed annually on March 5th..

After much research, we have found that it is looked at in two different ways:

Some people look at National Multiple Personality Day as a day to look at yourself and connect with who you are.  Exploring your own  personality traits and examining the roots of those traits.  Each one of us shows a different side of our personalities at different times and in different places.  Sometimes our personalities appear to be altered, depending on whom we are with and what we are doing.   With these things in mind, National Multiple Personality Day is a day to focus your thoughts, on yourself and your own personality.

The other set of people believe it may be that National Multiple Personality Day is a day to raise awareness for this disorder.  Multiple Personality Disorder, also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, is a disorder characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states that alternately control a person’s behavior, and is accompanied by memory impairment for important information not explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

You may know someone, maybe a friend or family member. that has been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder.  If so, spend some extra time with them on National Multiple Personality Day.