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Thoughts While Shaving

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Thoughts While ShavingCongratulations to the Lady Eagles of East Bladen and the Boys Knight team at West Bladen for a very, very successful basketball season…A sudden stop is tough and that is what happened to both teams Tuesday evening.  For the Eagles, their first loss of the season….The season has ended for both teams, painfully.  Hopefully the pain will soon end and the good memories of a great season will last a life time….

Spring sports are underway…today could be difficult for any outdoor sports..
Need to be aware this day, weather-wise, will be unusual…..wet and cooler…and tomorrow morning…..cold, very cold…
I am not a good funeral attendee…but I did attend the funeral of Mr. Elliott Henry yesterday in Kelly and I thought about the life of successful folks like Mr. Henry….He lived a good life, mostly outdoors…He served on numerous committees.  I had the pleasure of serving with him on one…He was a good listener…and when he spoke…folks listened…
As I traveled to Kelly, I thought about the many ways Bladen folks make money…In some areas of our county pine straw produces big bucks and the owner never touches it…Contractors make good bucks as well….Mr. Henry was proud of his pine straw business……I also saw some of the dikes he was involved in building and maintaining to control flooding in the area.  Reminded me, our county has many different type needs… Dikes are not needed countywide…but a must in Kelly….
I saw lots of dead trees, still standing…wonder why, why they are dead and wonder why they have not been blown over by the recent winds…
And I thought about other folks who make a difference….like the part-timers working for BladenOnline….They do not work for big bucks…trust me…They enjoy what they do…but they are part of an effort to fill a need…to keep Bladen County residents informed….BladenOnline is like a warehouse for news and announcements for those that have info that needs to be shared…and for those looking for the info……It’s fun…hope it shows….
Just wondering….
Why does someone believe you when you say there are 4 billion stars, but has to check when you say the paint is wet?
Texting codes for senior citizens..
ATD – At the Doctor’s
BFF – Best friend’s funeral
BTW – Bring the Wheelchair
BYOT – Bring your own teeth
CBM – Covered by Medicare
robert g hester