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RALEIGH – The N.C. Department of Transportation is seeking public input on plans to build and extend several proposed trail and greenway projects throughout the state.

The Great Trails State Implementation Report was prepared in coordination with the Integrated Mobility Division (IMD), stakeholders, and partners across North Carolina to identify priority pedestrian and bicycle natural surface trail and paved greenway projects and action steps to move them forward. The report highlights ten priority projects that have some of the greatest impact and are most ready for implementation. The projects were chosen for their equity benefits and connectivity to the larger state trails network.

“We’re excited to hear feedback from the public about what they’d like to see in trail projects in their community,” says Brennon Fuqua, IMD’s interim director. “With the steps identified in the report and public input, we look forward to continued work with our partners to further improve North Carolina as the Great Trails State.”

Members of the public located in counties of the proposed projects can provide feedback through a survey starting Feb. 1. The projects, with their counties listed, are as follows:

Participants can go to a specific project survey or visit the main survey page and view all the projects and select the one they want to fill out.

The Great Trails State Implementation Report builds on information in the Great Trails State Plan which shows proposed trail connections in all 100 counties of N.C.

Projects chosen for their equity benefits seek to improve connectivity in areas of transportation disadvantage, such as communities with a high concentration of zero-vehicle ownership, lower income levels, and minority populations. Other projects explore areas in rural communities where there are ongoing efforts to connect proposed projects with other trails or public lands, where there is a high level of partner investment, and where economic benefit is high.

Results of the survey will inform stakeholders what the public would like to see in the projects and help provide more justification for local support and need for the identified projects.

To learn more about IMD, its projects and safety initiatives, visit NCDOT.gov and follow Integrated Mobility on Twitter/X @NCDOT_IMD and LinkedIn at NCDOT Integrated Mobility Division.

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