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A staff reportAs the parent or guardian of a 2024 high school senior planning to attend college, you’re likely familiar with the stress of financing higher education. To alleviate some of this financial pressure, Star Communications proudly offers two significant scholarship opportunities for upcoming graduates.Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) Scholarship ProgramThe first opportunity is through the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), which annually offers a scholarship to support rural youth in their pursuit of higher education. The FRS Scholarship Program grants a one-time award of $2,500 to assist students from rural areas in their first year at a college, university, or vocational-technical school. Each applicant must be sponsored by Star Telephone, a member of the NTCA.A key goal of the FRS Scholarship Program is to encourage students to return to their rural communities after completing their education. This not only helps the students but also enriches the rural areas with educated and dedicated individuals. The application process for the FRS Scholarship is entirely digital, and prospective applicants can find more information and the application form at [www.starcom.net](http://www.starcom.net). Remember to select Star Telephone Membership Corporation as your telco provider when filling out the application. You can also get information from your local high school’s Guidance Counselor. The deadline for submitting online applications is February 16, 2024.Star Communications Scholarship ProgramIn addition to the FRS Scholarship, Star Communications is delighted to offer its own scholarship program. This year, five deserving students will each receive a $1,000 nonrenewable scholarship. The recipients will be chosen by the Scholarship Selection Committee, comprising Star Communications employees.This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students who demonstrate academic achievement, community involvement, and a clear vision for their future. To apply, visit www.starcom.net to download the application form. Completed applications should be mailed to Star Communications, 2024 Scholarship Program, PO Box 348, Clinton, NC 28329. All application packets must be postmarked by March 1, 2024.We encourage all eligible students to take advantage of these valuable scholarship opportunities. For any queries regarding either scholarship program, please reach out to Tracey at tpage@stmc.net or call 910-564-7821.Star Communications is committed to supporting the educational aspirations of rural youth and is excited to see what the future holds for these bright, aspiring students. Don’t miss these chances to secure financial assistance for your graduate’s higher education journey!

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