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New owners making exciting changes at Healthworks

CharandAshThe new owners of Healthworks Fitness and Wellness are Tracey and Ashley Trivette, and they announced this week new improvements that have been made at the Fitness center. The owners also have new goals to make the Fitness center the best that it possibly can be, according to Ashley.

“When this opportunity presented itself I, along with my husband, made this decision with many prayers and much enthusiasm, and continue to pray daily for the success, safety and enjoyment of our Fitness center. ” I am the one who will be managing the Fitness center, but I am not doing this alone by any means. My husband is brilliant when it comes to business, and his opinion, along with his advice, is valued greatly”, says Ashley.

Along with future engagements with the community, we have also made and will continue to make many new changes and upgrades to the facility to insure a safe and clean environment while keeping our main focus on our members suggestions and desires.

The fitness center now offers Kickboxing, Hip Hop Abs, Total Aerobics, and Bend aerobic classes in the evenings. Ashley said, “We are also looking forward to the new and exciting Dance it Out Aqua Aerobics class. Dance It Out Aqua style will take place in the evenings as well starting in November.”

Along with the new classes new uniforms have been implemented to give the staff a more professional look, according to Ashley. “Each one of our staff members are extremely valuable to us and our members.” Ashley says, “They are the face of the gym and they all take their jobs to the next level. I am impressed by all of them, and as the owner and manager of Healthworks, I consider myself blessed to have all of them working together as a team.”

“Take care of your customers and the business will take care of itself,” is an old saying Ashley is using as her motto. She explained, “This saying really resonated with me, and I hope that everyone who walks through the doors of Healthworks feels this way.” interviewed Ashley. Watch the video below.

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