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There will be no local broadcast for tonight’s East Bladen/Southwest Edgecombe second round playoff game.
Despite the best of efforts by members of the Bladen Sports Network, according to Robert G. Hester, spokesperson for the group, “it just wasn’t meant to be.  To begin with, the school was very reluctant to allow the game to be broadcast.  Ricky Leinwand discussed with the Edgecombe Board of Education AD, he called Thursday morning and indicated we could broadcast the game, then on Friday (mid morning) a call from the telco service person indicated it would be impossible to make the hook-up, necessary to make it happen.”
The stadium is some distance from the school, and the telco line would be on the ground and that would be a problem, according to the service person.
“Sorry, we tried,” was the statement from Hester.
“If East Bladen wins, Bladen Sports Network will attempt to broadcast as long as they are involved.  If they lose, we thank everyone, including sponsors and listeners, the school staff, WODR radio and BladenOnline,  all who assisted the network for another good year of broadcasting football games of East and West Bladen.”
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