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Officials Offer Guidance to Local Crowds

Despite the North Carolina COVID-19 Pandemic Elizabethtown and White Lake has crowds flocking to the local attractions. Some popular destinations such as the White Lake Water Park and  Goldston’s arcade are closed due to the pandemic, but the Cape Fear ATV Park, the lakes, the golf course, putt-putt businesses, most of the shops and restaurants report being busy since the warm weather season started.

Mark Gillespie, General Manager of the Elizabethtown ABC Stores said, ”Sales are up and the White Lake crowd has helped the numbers too.”

Local officials do want to remind people of the importance of practicing the health guidelines currently in place. The North Carolina Highway Patrol and the Shane C. Todd with the Forensic Tests For Alchohol Branch with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, confirm the Booze It and Lose It campaigns are in full swing. Todd added the Forensic Test for Alcohol (FTA) has taken careful measures in assuring the war on COVID-19 (coronavirus) is addressed, during the Booze It and Lose It events.

Today, Dr. Terri Duncan, Bladen County Health and Human Services Director, said wearing a mask, keeping hands clean, and practicing social distancing is an individual’s responsibility. Read the latest COVID-19 report here:

”I have seen more people wearing masks,” Dr. Duncan said, ”We need to continue to work on flattening the curve.”

Also to help guide people locally, a new map and resource guide for Elizabethtown and White Lake are available in selected locations throughout Bladen Country.

When released in January  Elizabethtown – White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Director Terri Dennison said, the Chamber worked on this project since last summer with local businesses and SE Map Solutions. Copies of the map are available at the Chamber office (207 E Broad Street), Elizabethtown and White Lake Town Halls, and at several businesses in the area.

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