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Opinion Series: Teacher Appreciation Week

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Ladies and gentlemen, May 3 – May 7 is Teacher Appreciation Week. So let’s give our teachers a standing ovation. Come on we can do better than that, stand up and make some noise. Earlier in the ‘In Takes The Entire Village’ series I talked about Love Thy Teacher. Now we have the opportunity to love and appreciate our teachers for the entire week. Our teachers are hanging tough and headed for the home stretch but they need the entire village standing in support of their efforts.
I know traditionally schools have certain events planned for each day of the week to celebrate and thank our teachers for the great work they do. I asked that members of community contact your child’s school or any school for that matter and asked how can you help make teachers appreciation week an exciting week for our teachers. Even if you can not contribute, please pick up the phone, call the school and leave a message just to say thank you. I honestly believe in my heart that would mean a lot to our teachers.
We all had that favorite teacher that had a tremendous impact on who we are today. I still hear stories from friends about teachers and what they did for them. I always remind them that you should try to locate them and say thank you. I actually did that a few weeks ago and it was a great experience just sharing how they impacted me as a person and how I still carry those lessons learned and earned with me everyday.
Photos of local Teachers:
Think about this for just a moment, most professions have an appreciation day but the appreciation Gods saw it fit to dedicate an entire week to our wonderful and dedicated teachers. Appreciating a teacher is by no means an easy task especially when those teachers holds students accountable while at the same time showing some of that tough love we all need from time to time.
So as a reminder, when you see a teacher in the community, please thank them for all they do to educate our kids. Truth be told, no one becomes a teacher to get rich. Teaching is more of a calling to serve and it ain’t easy by no means. Teachers – Thank You for all do and I hope you have a Great Teachers Appreciation Week. Ladies and gentlemen, please, another round of applause for our great teachers.
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