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FAYETTEVILLE – April 30, 2020 –  Cape Fear Valley Health is asking patients to bring their own face coverings or masks when receiving care to reduce transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Cape Fear Valley recently made it mandatory for staff to wear an N95, cloth or isolation masks in hallways, meetings, and shared workspaces. Previously only staff with patient contact were required to wear a mask.

The change was implemented as a result of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised infection prevention and control recommendations related to COVID-19. It is known that approximately 50 percent of people who are shedding the novel coronavirus have no symptoms, and half of them never develop symptoms.

The CDC recommends that all patients, healthcare personnel and visitors wear a cloth face covering or mask over their mouth and nose to contain their respiratory secretions. This reduces the dispersion of droplets from an infected individual and decreases the possibility that anyone with unrecognized COVID-19 infection will expose others.

Local churches and business have graciously donated cloth masks, PPE and supplies to Cape Fear Valley Health in recent weeks. The health system must still be vigilant over its PPE usage so enough will be available to health system staff during the entirety of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Masks should be worn when visiting any Cape Fear Valley clinic or seeking care at any outpatient facility or hospital. Patients who do not have a cloth mask can learn how to make a cloth face covering at:

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