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By Charlotte Smith

Congressman Mark Meadows with North Carolina District 11 and Republican Candidate for Congress Mark Harris paid a visit to Bladen County on Tuesday. While they were on the way down to Bladen County, they were on the phone with FEMA and President Trump.

Harris said, “Sheriff McVicker helped us navigate down here because with the roads as bad as they are we would not have been able to get here without his guidance. We saw incredible damage in Bladenboro.

Congressman Meadows has come in from a helicopter tour of Bladen County. Meadows came down and toured the county after Hurricane Matthew as well. After he finished his tour of the mother county today, he said the damages from Hurricane Florence have been much worse and with the water rising it will only get worse.

“I’m going to be on the phone with President Trump as soon as I get back in the vehicle to let him know of the damages Bladen County has received.

Harris said, before they took the tour of Bladen County, they met Pastor Terry Dove with Harvest Table Ministry who has fed over 500 people so far in Bladenboro.

Sheriff McVicker said he and Bradley Kinlaw, Director of Emergency Services, have been working with both Harris and Meadows and FEMA representatives to obtain assistance for Bladen County residents as soon as possible.

Rep. Brenden Jones and his staff had also been working on meeting needs in Bladen County. Jones’s wife Angela said she has been trying to help coordinate getting supplies to shelters and food to emergency workers.

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