Congressman Pittenger

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Annual award recognizes Members of Congress for supporting lower taxes, limited government, and economic freedom.


WASHINGTON – Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) is the latest recipient of the “Taxpayers’ Friend Award” in recognition of having one of the strongest pro-taxpayer voting records in Congress.


Presented annually by the National Taxpayers Union, the award is based on support for lower taxes, limited government, and economic freedom.  This year, Congressman Pittenger was one of only 66 Members of Congress to receive an “A” rating from the non-partisan organization.


“We must restore fiscal sanity in Washington,” said Congressman Pittenger.  “For too many years, and too many trillions, Washington has refused to live by the same financial rules as ordinary families.  My votes have always been based on spending your tax dollars wisely and eliminating wasteful spending.”


The National Taxpayers Union based this year’s award on 198 House votes during 2017. 


“Only lawmakers with a voting record that is the best-of-the-best will earn NTU’s Taxpayers’ Friend Award,” said Pete Sepp, president of NTU.  “Congressman Pittenger has demonstrated a tireless commitment to supporting taxpayers’ interests in Washington, and a dedication to solving the government’s tax-and-spend problems with action rather than just words.  Fixing America’s budget problems takes hard work, and Congressman Pittenger has been doing that work every single day.”


Congressman Pittenger actively championed the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and introduced the USA Act to save taxpayers at least $57 billion over 10 years.

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