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By: Jair McElveen 

Owned by Dwayne and Mary Miller, People’s Emporium in downtown Elizabethtown has been open now for about five months, and with their new business, they plan to expand in all of their abilities to assist everyone’s artistic needs. People’s Emporium “carry different and unique products, that are either from small businesses or local artisans in the store.”

While People’s Emporium does have some unique products within its story. They wanted to spotlight a new project of theirs. They have opened up space in the back of their store that could be rented out for events and they are calling this “Party at the Emporium”. 

This room holds up to thirty people and when you rent it out The Millers will assist you and your company in your choice of an arts and crafts project, like paintings, wood signs, bracelets, polymer clay, candle making, chunky yarn, and much more. At the moment, The Millers are trying to get their liquor licenses to add sip and paint to that list of crafts to make your evenings enjoyable at the emporium.

To reserve the room, you will need to contact People’s Emporium at 910-874-7570 or people@peoples-emporium.com. The starting price that they are aiming for is 20 dollars per person, but it does depend on the event as well. If you would like to give them a visit The Millers are located at 124 W Broad Street Elizabethtown, NC.