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By: Jair McElveen 

For this week’s product spotlight we went back downtown and spoke with the Sassy Chick Boutique owner, Shannon Woodell about the product she had in store for us. This September will be three years since they’ve been at their location in downtown Elizabethtown, but they started their business about four years ago. Sassy Chick specializes in handmade crafts, soy candles, and goat milk soap. They have plenty of door-hangers, home decor, flags, jewelry, essential oils, and much more!

Woodell and her partner out of Fayetteville, NC, Pamela Gillespie went out and bought a CNC machine and a laser machine. With those, they can design different products and produce a lot of things including wood cutouts. Sassy Chick started making decorative gnome cutouts because they started to become popular, but after the influence of a customer, Sassy Chick found a way to create interchangeable velcro gnomes. This way you do not have to buy a new one for every season and now you can just change the outfits on them. You can purchase a gnome with an outfit for 75 dollars and purchase an individual outfit for 25 dollars. Woodell says the product is unique because “a lot of people like the type of door hanger instead of a wreath because they like to keep it behind their screen door, and they like to keep their screen door locked.” She also adds “this product is handmade so it does take a little longer but, you have something that’s created especially for you.” To make these specialized gnomes they complete a rigorous multi-step process each time so their product will be of the highest standards for their sellers. Sassy Chick tries to match the gnomes with certain flags because some people like to have both, some like to have a wreath and the gnome “the possibilities are endless.”

You can visit Sassy Chick Boutique at 129 West Broad Street, Elizabethtown, NC and their Facebook at Sassy Chick Boutique. If you would like a gnome door-hanger make sure you get on Woodell’s list before the fall.

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