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By: Jair McElveen 

For this week’s Product Spotlight we took a different approach. Blaen Online spoke with Ulysses Baxley who is a personal trainer at DreamWorks. Ulysses provides personal training services for anyone looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or do anything in the fitness area. Ulysses is at DreamWorks mainly in the mornings of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday if you would like to get in touch with him for his services. Ulysses says “ I guarantee you that I can get you the results you are looking for.” He loves to see motivated people and that has the drive to go from one point to another and complete certain stages. He says when people get the results they were working for it makes him good and he just loves training people. Ulysses has been a personal trainer for about three years now. It all started for him when he was in the gym one day working out and Tom Metz came up to him wanting to get in on the workout. Ulysses let him join in and Metz suggests that he become a personal trainer. Ulysses says that conversation made the thought of being a personal trainer spark and set everything in motion.

Again, Ulysses is at DreamWorks Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the mornings and he also offers at-home private sessions. So if you need someone to bring the gym to you he’s your guy. Ulysses’s prices are very reasonable as well; sessions at the gym are 20 dollars an hour and private sessions may be a little higher depending on your location. If you would like to contact Ulysses his number is (910)-751-1900

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