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By: Jair McElveen 

Starting as a school in 1930, it was not until seven years later that it became a church. The Riverside Church celebrated its’ 85 anniversary just last week after some key finishing touches. None of this could have been done without hometown hero Mitchell Britt. 

Britt grew up in Elizabethtown and sang in the church with his sister when he was younger. When he was sixteen, he went to California to finish school and work in the church, but always came back to Elizabethtown. There was talk of taking Riverside Church down because of some of the damages that were throughout the building, when he heard word of this saddening news Britt along with many well-known names, funded the church to revive it.

They believe that everything that happened, all happened for a reason because everything was timed perfectly. As they planned to renovate the church, the Covid-19 outbreak had started reaching Elizabethtown. So with everyone being in quarantine and service being at a halt, it gave them time to go straight to work. The work of the church is just about finished, and it looks lovely. Riverside Church has resumed service and currently has gatherings every Sunday at 3 p.m. 

Britt stresses how much this church means not only him, but the community. A lot of entertainers performed or even got their first performance at Riverside. The Dixie Hummingbirds and The Blue Ridge Quartet are two well-known groups that have both performed at this well-respected church.

Again, the Riverside Church has services every Sunday starting at 3 p.m. and if you would like to join them, they are located at 2247 Airport Road, Elizabethtown, NC. They welcome all of their guests with open arms and turn them into their family.