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The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office conducted a routine search yesterday of the inmates and cells at the Bladen County Detention Center. As part of their job, detention officers routinely conduct searches of the inmates and their cells for contraband such as drugs, tobacco, weapons, and other items that are not allowed in the jail.

Drug K-9 officers are also used to help search the jail for these items, along with detention officers and narcotics detectives.

Recently, an inmate overdosed on a narcotic hidden in his clothing and was not detected by sophisticated x-ray machines or detention officers during the initial intake process.

The inmate was treated at the hospital and returned to the detention center where he cooperated and confessed to the drugs. According to the Sheriff’s Office, suspects go to great lengths to hide drugs and contraband from sheriff’s deputies, and “it is an ongoing game of cat and mouse between officers and inmates.”

Drugs have been smuggled by hiding them in the lining of their clothing, in body cavities, tossed over the fence by family members and friends, and hidden in areas outside the jail where inmates attempt to smuggle them back into the jail.

Searches are conducted several times randomly per week in an effort to keep the detention center as safe as possible. If you have any information about drug smuggling, please contact the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office at 910-862-6960.

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