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Sludge Treatment Wetland field day postponed

Jordan Phasey with Phinite Inc at R & M Farms Sludge Treatment Wetland in Tar Heel, NC

Jordan Phasey, Founder of Phinite, Inc. created the first full scale Sludge Treatment Wetland in Tar Heel, NC and it could be the answer hog farmers are looking for when dealing with disposal issues of their hog waste. Owner of R & M Farms, Michael Inman in Tar Heel, NC partnered with Phasey to build the first treatment wetland on his farm.

The two first introduced the wetland system back in August to Inman and Phasey were readily awaiting a Field Day organized by Bladen County Live Stock Association scheduled to take place on Inman’s farm on September 27th to showcase the wetland to other farmers and residents in the surrounding area.

The field day had to be postponed due to the hurricane. Phasey did report the wetland held up nicely through the storm and did not receive any damages. He said the water in the wetland would be drained to allow the wetland to dry out again, but it was better for all the rain water to go into the wetland than the lagoon. 

When the new date for the field day is set, will make the announcement. The field day at R & M Farms in Tar Heel will show case the new technology. Register to attend the field day by visiting Phinite’s website at

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