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ELIZABETHTOWN, NC – North Carolina’s Southeast is basking in the limelight as several esteemed leaders, board members, and local developers receive well-deserved recognition on Business North Carolina’s 2023 Power List for their unwavering commitment to fostering economic development in the region.

Among those highlighted in the prestigious accolade is Steve Yost, the president of North Carolina’s Southeast (NCSE). With a tenure dating back to 2009, Yost’s leadership has been instrumental in championing the cause of economic progress across the sprawling 20-county region, stretching from the majestic Uwharrie Mountains to the serene Atlantic Coast.

In a statement by NCSE, the regional public-private partnership explained Yost’s pivotal role in steering the organization toward its mission. “Yost has led NCSE since 2009, working to promote our 20-country region stretching from the Uwharrie Mountains to the Atlantic Coast,” the press release proclaimed. Prior to his tenure at NCSE, Yost served in various capacities, including as a senior developer and regional manager for the esteemed N.C. Department of Commerce‘s southeast region.

Reflecting on his journey and offering sage advice to aspiring professionals, Yost emphasized the importance of strategic thinking and meticulous attention to detail. “Think and act strategically and pay attention to detail,” Yost advised, encapsulating the essence of his decades-long experience in economic development.

A seasoned veteran in the economic development industry, Yost’s illustrious career spans over two decades, during which he has spearheaded transformative initiatives at the local, state, and regional levels. From his tenure as the Executive Director of the Columbus County Economic Development Commission to his role as the Marketing Manager for North Carolina’s Southeast, Yost’s imprint on the economic landscape of the region is indelible.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Appalachian State University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of North Carolina, Yost brings a wealth of academic prowess to his endeavors. His credentials include certification as an Economic and Community Developer, further solidifying his standing as a distinguished leader in the field.

In addition to his professional achievements, Yost’s commitment to community service is exemplified by his tenure as President of the North Carolina Economic Development Association in 2017 and his lifelong dedication to the Boy Scouts of America, where he attained the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.

In response to his inclusion on the esteemed Power List, Yost humbly acknowledged the collective effort of the region’s dynamic professionals. “This list is only a fraction of the inspiring people that make southeastern North Carolina an incredible place to live and work,” Yost remarked, paying homage to the collaborative spirit that defines the region’s success.

As North Carolina’s Southeast continues its trajectory of growth and prosperity, leaders like Steve Yost serve as the region’s trailblazers. They are poised to write the next chapter in the story of economic development and progress in the Southeast.

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