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A staff report

In Bladen County, Master Trooper A.B. Smith stands as a dedicated guardian of the highways, embodying the values of the North Carolina Highway Patrol (NCHP) with unwavering dedication. Since joining the NCHP’s B531 division in August 2016, Trooper Smith has exemplified excellence in service and commitment to his community.

Trooper Smith’s journey into law enforcement began with his attendance at the Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program at Robeson Community College in 2009. Following his training, he served the Town of Elizabethtown from February 2010 to July 2016 before realizing his ambition to join the esteemed ranks of the Highway Patrol. Earning his stripes at the 140th basic school, Trooper Smith commenced his trooper duties in Sampson County, where he honed his skills and served with distinction until 2019, when he made the transition to his beloved Bladen County.

Reflecting on his career path, Trooper Smith shared, “I’ve always respected highway patrol troopers, and after seeing several close friends become troopers, I knew I wanted to work for what I believe to be the best law enforcement agency in the state. Troopers are oftentimes respected by members of the community, and most people appreciate the work we do.”

Trooper Smith’s journey through Highway Patrol School was a testament to the rigor and demands of the program. “People don’t realize how rigorous the program is and how difficult it is to be away from family and friends for an extended period of time,” he explained. Yet, fueled by his passion for service and a desire to make a difference, Trooper Smith persevered.

Beyond his badge, Trooper Smith finds enjoyment and fulfillment in the outdoors. An avid hunter of deer, turkey, and duck, he cherishes the tranquility of nature. When not patrolling the highways or pursuing his outdoor passions, Trooper Smith dedicates time to his family and operates Southeast Pro Wash, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

In his role as a trooper, Trooper Smith’s primary objective is to ensure the safety of the highways and provide assistance to those in need. “As a trooper, I strive to keep the highway safe and help individuals who need assistance,” he affirmed.

Master Trooper A.B. Smith exemplifies integrity, embodying the values of duty, honor, and service. With each patrol and every interaction, he upholds the proud tradition of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, ensuring the safety and well-being of his community.

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