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thoughts while shavingHow many times have you listened to pre-announcement hype related to ‘good news’ and then when the formal announcement was made you were a little disappointed? … Not the case yesterday … Bladen County will soon be the site of airplane development … State and local officials made the announcement before a crowd of local government officials and well-wishers from throughout the region … I will not attempt to re-tell the story … better to just read about the new company coming to Bladen on our news page or from numerous other area news sources…

For me … better than expected … Bottom line … Small aircraft will be assembled at the local airport and eventually airplanes will be built on the site … About 40 jobs will be created with a promise of more to come…

Bladen County, North Carolina and other officials (dignitaries) were all delighted … Much credit goes to Elizabethtown and Bladen County leaders … The heavy-lifting by Chuck Heustess, Bladen County’s Bladen’s Bloomin’ Executive Director, and Elizabethtown City Manager Dane Rideout with great support from many others … at the local, state and national level.

Much work has been completed, the next phase begins immediately. So much to be proud of … but much left to do … beginning today.

I missed seeing long-time County Manager Greg Martin. He retired last week … and was likely busy in the area at his new worksite … Hilton Industries…

Weather was a little chilly at announcement time … Yesterday’s high was in the mid 50s and it was breezy…

Today’s forecast, sunny with a high near 60. Mostly cloudy tonight with a low around 38 … High Friday near 65, and 74 on Saturday … Then back to normal February type weather…

Tar Heels men’s basketball team is 10-2 in conference play.
Virginia 9-3
Duke 8-3
Wake Forest 7-4
Florida State 7-4
NC State 7-5
Clemson 5-6

Couldn’t help but think about Clemson fans at the recent UNC game … Tigers won … Only smiles were likely from Tiger fans … Best not ‘rub’ it in’ … may not be invited again…

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