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CHARLOTTE, NC– Libertarian students are set to gather for the Students For Liberty (SFL) Blue Ridge Regional Conference on November 4, 2017, at the University of North Carolina–Charlotte for the “United for Justice” themed event.

The Blue Ridge Regional Conference features a plethora of young libertarian leaders from across the region. SFL members will gather at the University of North Carolina–Charlotte for the event to hear from speakers such as Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute David Boaz, University of Virginia professor and libertarian activist Dr. Jim Lark, criminal justice reform advocates Weldon Angelos and Raeford Davis, and President of the Second Amendment Institute Tyler Yzaguirre.

The event brings together the Blue Ridge region’s top libertarian student activists, high-profile speakers, and partner organizations for a day of networking and training. Event organizer and SFL Campus Coordinator Benjamin Waldman said that the event will motive regional student activist to take action.

“This event will shed light on the issues our nation’s justice system is facing today. Whether you are concerned about the war on drugs, police brutality, civil asset forfeiture or any other controversy, the speakers will inform and give ways to create real change in your community and across the country. It is time that we end the division and come together,” Waldman said.

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