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1902 – Texas Oil Company (Texaco) formed.

1922 – Warren G. Harding’s Interior Secretary, Albert B. Fall, leases the Teapot Dome oil reserves to Harry Sinclair, setting in motion the Teapot Dome scandals.

1927 – First long distance television transmission: An image of Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover sent from Washington, D.C. to NYC by AT&T.

1940 – 7th US Masters Tournament, Augusta National GC: Jimmy Demaret wins the first of his 3 Masters titles, 4 strokes ahead of runner-up Lloyd Mangrum.

1943 – NFL adopts free substitution rule; helmets made mandatory and 10-game schedule for all teams approved.

1945 – Battle of Okinawa: US planes intercept Japanese fleet heading for Okinawa on a suicide mission, super battleship Yamato and four destroyers are sunk.

1948 – World Health Organization formed by the United Nations.

1954 – President Dwight D. Eisenhower in a news conference is first to voice fear of a “domino-effect” of communism in Indo-China.

1958 – Dodgers erect 42-foot screen in left field at LA Coliseum to cut down on home runs, since it is only 250 feet down the line.

1963 – 27th US Masters Tournament, Augusta National GC: 23 year old Jack Nicklaus wins the first of his record 6 Green Jackets with a 3-foot par putt on the final hole to finish 1 stroke ahead of Tony Lema.

1968 – Riots continue in over 100 US cities following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

1977 – Consumer Product Safety Commission bans “TRIS” flame-retardant.

1980 – President Jimmy Carter breaks relations with Iran during the hostage crisis.

1988 – Russia announces it will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

1995 – Baseball exhibition season begins late due to strike.

2003 – U.S. troops capture Baghdad; Saddam Hussein’s regime falls two days later.

2008 – 70th NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: Kansas beats Memphis, 75-68, first time since seeding began that all 4 top seeds advance in the Final Four.

2017 – President Donald Trump orders missile strike on Syrian airfield after chemical weapons attack on Khan Shaykhun.

2020 – Wisconsin holds its Democratic primary with in-person voting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, after a mail-in voting rejected by the Wisconsin Legislature.

2022 – Ketanji Brown Jackson becomes the first black woman to be confirmed by the Senate to the Supreme Court in a 53-47 vote.

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