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This Day In History1776 – Continental Congress negotiates a war loan of $181,500 from France.

1783 – US General George Washington resigns his military commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Army to Congress.

1788 – Maryland votes to cede a 10 square mile area for District of Columbia.

1862 – Union General Ben “Beast” Butler is proclaimed a “felon, outlaw & common enemy of mankind” by Jefferson Davis.

1900 – As American forces defeat the Filipino insurgents and impose civil authority, some Filipinos form a Federal Party with a platform recognizing US sovereignty.

1907 – 1st all-steel passenger railroad coach completed, Altoona, Pa.

1913 – US President Woodrow Wilson signs Federal Reserve Act into law.

1919 – Alice H Parker patents gas heating furnace.

1937 – First flight of the Vickers Wellington bomber.

1947 – Transistor invented by John Bardeen, Walter H. Brattain and William Shockley in Bell Labs.

1954 – The first human kidney transplant is performed by Dr. Joseph E. Murray at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

1961 – Fidel Castro announces Cuba will release 1,113 prisoners from failed 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion for $62M worth of food and medical supplies.

1968 – 82 members of US intelligence ship Pueblo released by North Korea.

1968 – Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders become the 1st men to orbit the Moon.

1970 – NYC World Trade Center reaches highest point (411 m)

1975 – Congress passes Metric Conversion Act.

1986 – Experimental airplane Voyager, piloted by Dick Rutan & Jeana Yeager, completes 1st nonstop, round-the-world flight without refueling lands.

1987 – Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, serving a life sentence for attempted assassination of President Gerald Ford, escapes from Alderson Prison.

1994 – Fearing arrest by the FBI, Whitey Bulger flees Boston, and successfully hides from law enforcement for the next 16 years.

1997 – US Agriculture Department estimates it costs $149,820 to raise a child to 18.

1997 – Terry Nichols found guilty of manslaughter in Oklahoma bombing.

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